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sanding discs, Schleifscheibe
sanding discs, Schleifscheibe
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sanding discs, Schleifscheibe
  Nonwoven abrasives
Nonwoven Abrasives

Nonwoven Academy

sia Fibral is pleased to announce a brand new training concept dedicated to its nonwoven abrasives products.


3 Level Training Structure:

  • Level 1 (Professional): focus on siafleece products
  • Level 2 (Expert): focus on scm products
  • Level 3 (Specialist): focus on technical nonwoven abrasives: convolute and unitised wheels, SMFWs, etc.

This training concept supersedes the “SuperUser” format and is designed around the nonwoven abrasives offering for the Metal sector.

All training provided in the Nonwoven Academy will be presented in English.

Nonwoven Academy – an overview

Course levels – an explanation
In order to simplify the total nonwoven abrasives product range, the Nonwoven Academy has split the product families into 3 sections, each of which will be dealt with under a separate level of training.

The Nonwoven Academy has been specifically designed to deal with nonwoven abrasives for the Metal sector. The Automotive sector is completely covered in Level 1. Should your business solely deal with the Automotive market, it is sufficient to attend this Level 1 only without the need for Levels 2 & 3.

It is aimed that in 2009 there will be the following courses taking place at Greetland/UK:

Level 1 - Professional

Level 2 - Expert

Level 3 - Specialist

u     Factory tour

§        Introduction to raw materials used for the manufacture of nonwoven abrasives

§        Introduction to the site and production process for siafleece products
What is a nonwoven abrasive product – how does it work, advantages and main uses

u     Product families covered at this level

§        6120 siavlies speed

§        siafleece complete range

§        siastrip


u    Factory tour

§        Introduction to raw materials used for the manufacture of scm products

u    This will incorporate a re-cap of Level 1 before moving on to the scm product range

u    Product families covered at this level

§       scm discs and belts


u       Factory tour

§        Introduction to raw materials used for the manufacture of technical abrasive products

u       This will incorporate a re-cap of Levels 1 & 2 before moving on to the technical abrasives product range

u       Product families covered at this level

§        Technical wheels –
convolute and unitised

§        Brushes and lap mops

§        Any other specialised


u     13-15 May 2009

u     24-26 August 2009

 Registration Form Level 1

u    4-6 November 2009


 Registration Form Level 2

u       Training at this level is expected to commence in 2010


All 3 courses will contain elements of the following:

  • hands-on training
  • power tool skills
  • system solutions
  • proven solutions
  • group and individual work
  • information on product key selling points

Your contacts

Your main contact for all elements of the Nonwoven Academy will be Antonia Ketteringham, Marketing Assistant, sia Fibral Ltd.:
Tel: +44 1422 313 178, Fax +44 1422 313 225

Alternatively, all enquiries can be sent to the NEW Nonwoven Academy email account, where they will be handled promptly:

If you have any questions, please contact our application engineers at sia Fibral, who will be happy to provide their expert advice.

sanding discs, Schleifscheibe sanding discs, Schleifscheibe
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sanding discs, Schleifscheibe

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    sanding discs, Schleifscheibe
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