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sanding discs, Schleifscheibe
sanding discs, Schleifscheibe
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sanding discs, Schleifscheibe
  New Manufacturing Building 5 on the Frauenfeld site

New abrasives manufacturing plant in operation

sia Abrasives has opened up its new manufacturing plant for coated abrasives at its headquarters in Frauenfeld.

After two years construction work, the highly modern abrasives factory was officially opened on 2nd May 2012.

It is now possible to manufacture all manner of different sanding products to meet individual requirements and using the latest technical means, depending on the abrasive requirement for a particular surface, such as material removal, finish or structure..

The new plant comprises a surface area of 10,400 square metres and, at a cost of over 55 million Swiss Francs, is one of the most significant investment decisions sia Abrasives has been able to make in its history of over 135 years.
This demonstrates a clear commitment to the production location in Switzerland and is a clear indication of the sustainable expansion of our centre of excellence for coated abrasives at our sia headquarters in Frauenfeld. 

Environmentally friendly production

The plant was constructed according to strict ecological criteria. Thus, for example, a new binder resin preparation method means that there is no longer any industrial wastewater. Optimised air conduction processes and heat recovery systems reduce heat consumption considerably. All harmful substances are destroyed in an exhaust air cleaning plant.

New process concept increases flexibility

The new abrasives manufacturing plant will enable sia Abrasives to improve its ability to deliver and to improve its flexibility – all at the same time as providing a consistently high level of quality. Decisive here is a new process concept that will ensure a production flow that is almost entirely free of interruption. This provides an enormous increase in flexibility to the customer. Emphasis also needs to be placed on consistent product quality, which can be increased even further by the high degree of machine precision. The high-tech manufacturing systems use extremely precise, lasercontrolled and ultrasonically monitored measuring procedures. More than 1,000 process parameters are incorporated and permanently regulated, which brings the quality to an extremely high level of consistency.

High degree of delivery assurance due to reserve capacities

40 million square metres of abrasives – once around the earth with a manufacturing width of one metre – is what the new factory can produce in one year.
In total, capacity could also be doubled, thereby ensuring that increasing demand for our high value abrasives can also be met in the future. A higher manufacturing width of up to 1,950 mm means that sia Abrasives can also open up new market segments.
Demand for larger sized sanding belts with a minimal number of belt joints, as, for example, in the panel industry, is continually increasing. This gap can now be bridged.

The figures of the Maker 5

Did you know that …

  • the usable floor area of the new production plant almost exceeds 10,400 m2?
    the new plant is over 172 metres long and 52 metres wide?
  • more than 1000 tonnes of steel were used in erecting the building alone?
  • we can now work with an additional building volume of over 102,000 m3?
  • over 14,000 tonnes of concrete were used?
  • with the new production width of 1950 mm and segmented wide belts,
    only 2 belt joints are used instead of 3 belt joints? – (This brings enormous benefits)
  • the construction costs of over 55 million CHF represent the greatest single investment by
    Bosch Powertools?
  • the chimney is 20 metres high?
  • production can be carried out at speeds of up to 80 metres/minute?
  • in the last two years, over 35,000 working hours were invested in the project?


Exterior building dimensions:

length 172 m
width  52 m
height 11,7 m

Total floor area:   10 400 m2
Total volume: 102 200 m3


The new building contains

  • Areas for vehicles to deliver and remove materials
  • Machines for applying adhesives and grit
  • Ovens for base and size coats
  • Facilities for generating heat and compressed air
  • Power-supply and ventilation systems
  • Rooms for storage and materials


The annual output of the new manufacturing plant is the equivalent of a one-metre-wide sanding belt around the Earth.



sanding discs, Schleifscheibe sanding discs, Schleifscheibe
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sanding discs, Schleifscheibe

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  • New Building 5
    New Manufacturing Building 5

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    sanding discs, Schleifscheibe
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